Actually we all need a life coach. Because the topic here is "Life" itself. And all the challenges that present themselves that don't have simple solutions. We all need wise council but that council has to be custom made for our lives and not just some generic person. Life can be very complicated and most of the time the solutions to our problems have to come in layers, unfolding step by step like a flower.

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The two biggest goals people have when they  think of a life coach is A) How do I make more money and B) how do I lose weight. And those are common goals we all have. But life coaching is where you and I, on a one on one basis, deal with the other 95% of life's issues that comprise the challenges we really face. Here are just 30 examples of real life dilemmas that we would deal with in our life coaching sessions:
  • I've just been diagnosed with a fatal illness. How do I readjust my thinking?
  • I need to control my spending habits
  • How can I control my negative thinking?
  • Why am I a procrastinator?
  • How do I begin a full time ministry?
  • I'm depressed and don't know why 
  • How do I forgive someone who's never asked for forgiveness?
  • Through so many heartbreaks, I've lost the fire for God I once had. How do I get it back?
  • I've just been diagnosed with a fatal illness
  • What makes me an enabler?
  • How do I meet new people?
  • I'm a pastor and Im feeling ineffective. I'm not accomplishing my goals and want to leave the ministry
  • How do I make myself more appealing for marriage?
  • I don't love my spouse and I dread thinking about life with them
  • I need to change careers
  • Why can't I shake my addiction? 
  • I feel like I don't matter to anyone 
  • Why do I care so much about what people think of me?
  • How do I begin to improve my looks? 
  • I hurt someone but don't know how to ask for forgiveness? 
  • My life is on auto pilot
  • Why do I feel so numb inside?
  • How do I get out of my rut?
  • I have good intentions but a lack of motivation
  • I have a great spouse, child, job and church but why am I so unhappy?
  • How do I deal with my bullied child and when should I step in?
  • My lack of self-confidence is holding me back. How can I change?
  • How do I get passion back into my marriage?
  • How do I get out of a negative relationship?
  • I need to manage the stress in my life
  • Why do I always avoid positive confrontation?
  • My grown child can't find a job. The financial responsibility is too much for me
There are obviously endless topics. But this gives real life examples that show life coaching is a lot more than just how to make money and lose weight.
So let's you and I figure this thing out and find custom made life solutions, just for you.