Personal Life Coaching Packages

Bronze Package

(1) Group Session


These sessions are held twice a week. Wednesday's and Thursday's at 6:00 pct unless otherwise notified. They will be centered around a different topic each time. There are 8-10 participants. Each person presents the one goal oriented question for me to break down and deal with. Everyone else will be listening in "off Mic". Because these will surround a similar topic, many of the questions you have can be answered and dealt with through someone else. If you would like to change your question before  your time comes that's ok too. Everyone will be anonymous and no names used to protect privacy. These group sessions have a tendency to be more candid and vulnerable than any other sessions other than a one on one Silver or Gold package. Check for the topics of each upcoming session. 



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Silver Package

(1) 45 Minute Personal Life Coaching Session


This begins the long awaited "Game Changer" you'll need to attain the goals most important to you. 45-minute sessions are a fairly standard time used in life coaching sessions. You'll be amazed at how much we will accomplish even after the very first session. I want to dig deep with you and discover what the most important personal goal is to make you happy. Then we will remove any thought processes blocking your progress and strategize a game plan custom made just for you. This is exciting.


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