There are hundreds of ways to be life coached and hundreds of different systems. After becoming a certified life coach I took 2 massive notebooks of information, broke it down to its simplest form, made it easy to understand, and then designed it to get results quickly.
I have 3 different Packages to get started. Choose one. Evaluate the results and then we can decide together how you would like to move forward.
# 1 PACKAGE: Consists of (1) Group Session.
# 2 PACKAGE: Consists of (1) 45 Minute Session.
# 3 PACKAGE: Consists of (12) 45 Minute Sessions over 12 months.
All 3 packages work the same. Once you sign up online you will receive an email confirmation and welcome. My assistant, Lisa will contact you and set up a time for your session. This can be one every day, one every several days, or one each week. Whatever you feel is the most beneficial for you.
We will talk directly. Our conversation will be private, between "Life Coach and Client", so make sure you're in a place of privacy so you can openly share your thoughts.
STEP 1: This will be focused entirely on me getting to know you. I want to get to know all about you and what you feel is the personal goal you are trying to attain. By the end of each session, we will both review the conversation and make sure we have a specific goal in mind.
STEP 2: Once I understand more about you personally, the next step will be to examine what possible obstacles might hinder your progress. The objective here is to identify the blocks to your goals and eliminate them.
STEP 3: Having a firm goal, identifying and eliminating the blocks to that goal, we can now develop strategy on how to attain the goals you're after. This is when, you and I together, develop your own personalized gameplan to move you forward.
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