Christian Life Coaching

Carman, Christian music icon, formerly diagnosed with incurable cancer, attempts to match the Navy Seal 100 push-up challenge as an example of his new life coaching style. At one time he was the only stadium act ever in Christian music, filling arenas like Madison square garden, selling 10 million records and earning 15 Gold and Platinum Recordings. But that all changed in the spring of 2013 when he was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma cancer and given a short window of time to live. Carman Licciardello, an Italian from New Jersey, fought his way through years of chemotherapy and treatments to restore his career, his ministry and his life.

Today he is back on the road again while adding “Christian life coach” to his list of achievements. He specializes in Cancer life coaching. Helping those fighting this dreaded disease to find strength and encouragement through his new website. Every Tuesday night on, through honor, wit and anointed common sense, Carman takes on the most intense life coaching questions anyone dares to ask. And every Friday night he does his Navy Seal 100 push-up challenge. Starting with 10 push-ups, the 62 year old music legend adds 5 each new week, until he gets to 100. He’s never done anything like this before but uses this as a Carman Life Coach challenge to others, to do the same and achieve they’re own personal goals. Carman’s style of Christian counciling mixed with personal life coaching is a fan favorite with his 45 minute “one on one” sessions as he continues to perform live across the country.