Cancer Personal Counseling

For decades, Carman, one of Christian musics most notable names has toured across America, Canada, Africa, Mexico and Europe. But nothing affected him as much as when he fought back to life after being diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2013. When he started touring again he discovered in the post-concert meet and greets, just how many people where in the middle of a bout with cancer. He would spend hours counciling and talking to them. He decided to make it official and go to school for life coaching. Once he became certified, Carman began to offer cancer personal counciling. Counciling and coaching cancer patients through the process of chemotherapy, long term illness and gaining the proper frame of mind to fight back to health. Also preparing the patient and the caregiver for what experiences lay ahead. Carman’s wisdom and humor have been the saving grace for many patients involved in cancer personal counciling. has been a lifeline to dozens of cancer patients and thier family’s.