about carman
Carman Domenic Licciardello has experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. Born in New Jersey, he grew up on the mean streets of Trenton in the 60's and 70's. His hero was his brother Mario. The toughest most fearless man he said he ever met. Mario became the youngest chief of police in New Jersey history at age 29. Awarded a Combat Cross and Highly decorated police officer, he was everything Carman wanted to be. Carman, like many 1st generation Italian Americans learned how survive and fight through life  alongside criminal organizations like the DeCavelcante family. The prototype used for the hit TV mafia show the "Sopranos." He boxed in the police athletic league and spent 2 years in military school before ultimately finding his niche through music. A self taught guitarist and drummer he became a Christian at age 20 and embarked on an impossible career of Christian Pop music when there was little to no Christian pop scene at all.
Ultimately through determination and perseverance he became the biggest solo act to ever hit gospel music. He sold over 10 million records, earned 15 gold and platinum CD's and video, was Christian music's only stadium act ever with crowds of 50, 70 and 80,000. He collected the most names of any American citizen in history on a petition to put prayer back in public school and lead over a million people to Christ. Written novels, screenplays, books and starred in several movies. and by his side was Mario. Always protecting his little brother and watching his back.
Tragedy struck in May of 2000. Carman was at the peak of his popularity when his brother, mentor, and hero died suddenly of a heart attack at 52. Carman Licciardello spiraled into a world of post traumatic stress disorder and depression.  His ministry and career followed the spiral and for years he could not regain his footing in life. Tragedy struck again in 2010 when he was in a serious car accident that took away his remaining zest for life. By 2013 he was diagnosed with incurable cancer and prepared to die. But something happened during that battle for his life. He began to encourage himself by telling himself all the things he wished someone else would say, but wasn't there to say it. A new found compassion emerged and a desire to help others get through their most difficult times of loss. By Gods grace he found himself again and fought back through a heart attack, pneumonia and cancer to regain his position in life an create a new future.
Let this man, who's compassion and understanding of tragedy and triumph, is like no one else, be your personal life coach. It doesn't matter how far down you've come, Carman Licciardello can help you up, help you out and with the utmost of concern, humor and care, help you create a new future and a new you.