What Is Life Coaching?

Psychiatry Cures The Past ~ Advice Corrects The Present ~ Life Coaching Creates The Future

-- CARMAN --

In the Bible we read about the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace. When we are in our own "fiery furnace" we wrack our brains to try to figure out what to do.
Where is the answer?
What is the next move?
Where is God in all this?
Until we find those answers, we feel hopeless. But the scripture tells us that for the 3 Hebrew boys, it was someone from "outside" the fire who saw God or the 4th man in the fire.
Someone outside our fire can more easily see where the answer lies, where God is and what the next move is. And do it faster and more accurately than those of us who are actually in the fire.
In a sense, I am that man outside of your fire who can see clearly and help you navigate the way to go to create the future you really want.
As a life coach I believe that the best advise will come from inside of you. The best custom made answers always come from your heart.
What I do is is broken down into 3 key steps:
1. DISCOVER your real heartfelt goals.
2. ASSIST you in understanding what's been blocking those goals from coming to life
3. HELP you devise a strategy to make to make those goals a reality a success for your future.
Carman specializes in many forms of christian life coaching including cancer life coaching and cancer personal counseling.